Adsystem by General Development

Adsystem is a simpler, less obtrusive and less creepy ad network.

We do the right thing.

For webmasters

When you build a website from scratch, and share informative and helpful content with the rest of the world, you're making the web a better place, and deserve to be rewarded for it.

When we launch properly, we aim to offer webmasters the highest commissions in the industry.

In an industry first, our ads use CSS to automatically inherit your website's styling. You can also re-style our ads dynamically using your website's own CSS stylesheet.

For advertisers

You just want eyeballs on your website or product. You don't want to pay for phoney clicks, so our system actively guards against click-fraud.

Adsystem is fairer. You don't need to outbid your competitors for advertising space within a target niche, because Adsystem is deliberately un-targeted in its delivery mechanism.

For users

Visitors to websites deserve to be treated with respect. Our ads are unobtrusive and clearly identified Our ads comply with Adblock Plus' rules for exempt advertising, and we don't spy on users' browsing habits.


Adsystem is under extensive development, and available to our partners on an invitation-only basis.